Certified Instructor: BRYN BLANKINSHIP, CMHT, CI    


Approved by The International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) 

& The Newton Institute Alliance Training Program                        


When is the best time to become a hypnotherapist? If you're drawn to this work, then NOW is the time. Why?... because otherwise distractions and delays can get in the way... take the leap and discover how you can help others, including yourself, as you move forward in this fun and rewarding field of hypnosis! 

The HypnoSkillsets© and Past Life HypnoRegression© Level I and II course is a two-part, 12-day certification course covering key elements of transpersonal hypnotherapy (age and womb regression, parts therapy, affect bridge) and introduces new and original material gained from years of experience in the field working with clients and teaching hypnosis and regression.  This material is only taught here. Past Life HypnoRegression© Level II only is for certified transpersonal hypnotherapists with a desire to add regression techniques to their skillset.

By taking Level I and Level II, you can become an IACT-Certified Hypnotherapist with a special focus on Past Life Regression.  

Discover how the HypnoSkillsets© Basic and Mastery Level uses interactive hypnosis, parts therapy, Gestalt, ancestoral healing work, affect bridge, The HypnoBridge Process© and HypnoRegression© (current and past life) techniques for identifying the root of client issues.  Energetic release techniques neutralize and restore balance.  Utilize Past Life HypnoRegression© for accessing soul memories of previous incarnations and connecting with guidance to bring understanding and transformation to current life issues.

This is a fast-paced course which consists of both theory and hands-on techniques to prepare you for a rewarding career as a professional Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in weight release, smoking cessation, stress management and past life regression.  Course content is based on transpersonal and clinical hypnosis techniques and designed to give you a firm foundation to begin your hypnosis practice thru embedded learning, lecture, live demonstration, in-class experientials and reading assignments.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a strong desire to help others who is looking for a new career path in the healing arts field 
  • Anyone seeking self-improvement and personal growth
  • Practitioners and health professionals interested in adding hypnosis and regression techniques to their skillset
  • Others who have taken Bryn's courses have included counselors, social workers, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, nurses, sports coaches, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs.

What you will learn:

*To facilitate and receive hypnosis and past life regression experientials 

*Successful Smoking Cessation and Weight Release protocols

*The HypnoBridge Process® for working with any kind of issue your client may have

*How to clear negative current and past life experiences and patterns using age, womb, 

and past life regression

*To heal troublesome relationships rooted in current or past lives

*Through experiencing hypnosis and past life regression yourself and expand your self-awareness thru this process

*With Bryn and her staff of experienced hypnotherapists who will assist and offer support

Your Instructor:

Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, CI is a best-selling author and international instructor who developed and teaches HypnoSkillsets© Mastery, Past Life HypnoRegression© and the HypnoBridge Process© certification courses.  

She served on the original board of TNI for several terms and as an Int'l Lead LBL Instructor for many years working closely with Michael Newton and other board members to develop and implement core procedures and training protocols. She received the prestigious Peggy Newton Award in 2014.

Bryn’s new book The Limitless Soul: Hypno-Regression Case Studies into Past, Present & Future Lives made the Amazon best sellers' hot new release list.  She is also a contributing author to The Newton Institute's latest release "Wisdom of Souls," Michael Newton's "Memories of the Afterlife" and Brian Weiss' "Miracles Happen" and has been featured on over 50 radio shows and documentaries.



Take both levels consecutively and be certified within a few short months or take them separately.  Just keep in mind that you'll  be learning techniques and creating  momentum that we'll build upon in Level II so you'll want to take Level II in a relatively short period of time. 

By taking Level I and Level II, you can become an IACT-Certified Hypnotherapist with a special focus on Past Life Regression and also become eligible to take LBL training.  

2020: HypnoSkillsets© Basics Level I:  

March 19-24, 2020 (Th-Tu) - Wilmington, NC 9a-6p

Past Life HypnoRegression© Mastery Level II: 

April 16-21, 2020 (Th-Tu) - Wilmington, NC 9a-6p 

Tuition:  $2295.00 Earlybird rate ** per segment (regular rate $2595.00)

Level I Earlybird ends 2/2/2020

Level II Earlybird ends 3/3/2020

NOTE: Must be paid in full by earlybird date to receive discount

Payment options: Use the link below or mail a check payable to "Bryn Blankinship," P.O. Box 10228, Wilmington NC 28404

*Both segments required for IACT certification

*Level II is a specialty course for experienced certified hypnotherapists

*Includes catered lunch. (Lodging not included.)

**Course size limited to 10 students.  

Intimate setting surrounded by wildlife and wetlands yet close to lodging and restaurants keeping it fun and affordable to start your new career as a hypnotherapist!   

Need help with tuition?  Paypal Credit offers 6 months with no payments and no interest while you complete your certification.

Upon successful completion of class hours and certification requirements (which includes experientials/exam, required reading and approval of written and recorded submissions following the course), you will:

       ♦ be certified in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

       ♦ receive an IACT membership with access to the IACT virtual library, a wonderful resource for information on a number of techniques

       ♦Be eligible to join Bryn's dynamic "Empowering Souls" info share group with other course graduates for support as you build your practice

       ♦be eligible to receive a tuition discount for Life Between Lives Training with The Newton Institute

Location:  The Braithe Center, Wilmington, NC

The training venue is a spiritual farm set in a nature setting with wildlife and wetlands...convenient to Wilmington Int'l airport and easy access to I40 & Hwy 17...  Wrightsville Beach is just minutes away for quiet reflection afterwards.

To register call:  910-620-0110     or email: 


  • Professional Instruction 
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Experience hypnosis and regression first-hand
  • Supervised experientials
  • Detailed Manual with both techniques and Bryn's own scripts
  • Practice Building & Script-writing Techniques  
  • Intake/Release  & Progress Forms                                               
  • Small course size   
  • Catered lunch
  • Relaxed nature-setting for learning                    
  • Post-Training Case Review w/Detailed Feedback
  • IACT student membership                                               

2019-2020 Course Dates:

HypnoSkillsets© Basics 

Level I:  

 March 19-24, 2020 (Th-Tu) - Wilmington, NC - 


Past Life HypnoRegression© Mastery 

Level II: 

April 16-21, 2020 (Th-Tu) - Wilmington, NC

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